Monday, 4 April 2011

Why So Stressful?

The wedding.
My wedding actually. It's definitely been at the forefront of my mind lately.
I've been engaged for nearly 2 years now, so for a lot of that time, the wedding hasn't really been the main focus. But now we're down to the business end of things. I mean, there's still 8 months. But the dress is ordered, I'm thinking about shoes. I'm starting a very diligent skin-care routine.
It seems like every time I turn around someone's asking how the wedding is coming along.
And it would be coming along awesomely, if I had a celebrant organised. And a florist. And a spare $10000.
Why does it have to be so expensive?? Why do you feel obligated to invite every relative? We're not. We're inviting people we can see ourselves still talking to in 10 years time. I'd like the guest list around 50. I've stretched to 70. It's looking more like 80-90. And I'm the meanie. I'm the one saying, 'I'm not having *insert relative I only just discovered I had here* there'.
Did you know I have great aunties and uncles? I didn't. I still don't know their names. So why am I feeling guilty for saying, 'no'?
Not to mention that each extra 'yes' is another $60 for the feed, plus bonbonniere, plus figuring out where they're all going to sit/sleep (the reception venue has cabins, etc).
It makes me wish nobody knew we were getting married. I'd still have a wedding. I'd have a couple of very close friends in on it, and tell everybody else that we were just having an epic birthday or something. Then I'd walk out in a big white dress and there'd be vows and it would be amazing.
I think it still will be amazing. I just wish the 8 months until we get there could be amazing as well.


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  1. We only took 2 months to plan our wedding. It was better that way. Easier to make decisions. And I invited to my wedding only the people that I would stay in touch with if I moved. And those people that didn't make it onto the final list? I don't stay in touch with them anymore. We had 50 people and we loved every minute of OUR day.

  2. That is AWESOME. I think too many weddings are not enough about love and the couple, but about obligations and politeness. Anybody who won't be in their pyjamas the next morning at breakfast ... just isn't awesome enough :)