Thursday, 7 April 2011

Four Years Ago Today

Four years ago today, J phoned me. It was the Saturday before Easter Sunday, and at least 10 at night. Everyone else was in bed asleep.
He said, 'Will you go out with me?'. It came out all rushed and hopeful and adorable.
I said, 'Yes' quickly enough that he obviously knew I knew he was going to ask.
We were 16 and lived 6 hours away from each other and were both only just starting to feel happy after a really crappy 6ish months.
That night I happy screamed into my pillow because I was too hyped up to sleep.
I went to school when term went back actually happy. Everyone commented on it. I let all the people I'd spent every day with for 2 years actually become real friends.
I still have a folder of every email and letter he sent me. I have a book where I wrote down all the sweet texts he sent me.
Sometime in September J's family was in Toowoomba and he spent not long enough at my place. It was our first kiss, on my pink single bed, surrounded by excess cushions and stuffed animals. It was amazing.
I started thinking that maybe this would be a forever thing.
I spent 10 days in Moree alone with him at the end of 2007. He gave me one of his shirts. I saw baby photos of him. We watched Star Wars. We played grown ups. We fell in love.
I moved in August 2008 to be with him. We bought our unit in May 2009. He proposed at the prettiest place in town on July 10th. We've spent one night apart since the end of 2008. Our home is happy.
He taught me patience and some basic level of emotional control.
I've taught him to access his emotions.
He introduced me to chicken, cheese and tomato sauce sandwiches.
I got him to eat carrot, even if it was with a grimace :)
I think he is the most attractive person in the whole entire world.
I've never caught him looking at anyone's cleavage but mine.
He is funny and caring and stronger than anyone else I know.
As a bonus, he comes from what is probably the best family in the whole entire world.
I love him so much :)
Happy anniversary J!


  1. That made me cry. In a good way. :) Happy Anniversary!

  2. :) Thank you! Love is just amazing :)

  3. It made J cry too! :) Just don't tell him I told you that...

  4. Thanks! I couldn't have done it without him though :)

  5. Oh, that is so sweet. :) Happy Anniversary!