Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Things Are Coming Along Nicely

I've been whinging a lot lately (okay, for the past 2ish years) that I'm bored. That I have no hobbies. That I need more friends. That we always do whatever J wants to do... the list is practically endless.

And then I realised it's all MY fault. The universe doesn't hate me! I just wasn't doing anything.
While J is quite happy to get home from work and move from *his* spot on the lounge to the computer until he is ready to go to bed, I am not. I'm not happy sitting on the lounge for 3 or 4 hours watching TV that I don't even like. (Sorry to any Family Guy fans)

So on weekends I've been cooking. Yummy things. I'm pretty darn good at it too, if I do say so myself. Biscuits and cheesecake and more biscuits and the occasional awesomely decorated butter cake... and I've absolutely loved it. I love being able to get a bit messy and wear my awesome cupcake apron and I LOVE when I'm finished and J tries some and tells me it's awesome. Not to mention having some yummy cheesecake in the fridge for whenever I get a craving :)

A friend (let's call her C) and I also went to the gym. Now, I have never ever been a gym person. I was always last in races, I skipped every swimming carnival, and just sat on the terraces and cheered people on at Sports Carnival days; but I always used to be thin. Naturally.

Then I finished school and got a job and often a group of friends would just hit up Subway or Hungry Jack's for dinner. I also moved into J's parents' place which has a fully stocked walk in pantry and fridge all year 'round (and J's mum is a freaking amazing cook) and before I knew it, for someone who had never weighed more than 47kg, size 10 clothes were getting tighter. It was a struggle to get into my jeans. I started wearing tracksuit pants.

But now I go to the gym! C and I will be doing a Zumba class every Monday night, J and I will be going for at least an hour over the weekends, and I'm planning on going at least one other night during the week with C ... and it's awesome! Okay, so it's all starting. I've only actually gone to the gym twice, but I'm happy. Happier than I've been for the last year or so.

Also, because I have a lazy boring job I can manage my blog at work, and having this blog and actually working already! It's like a diary that anybody can read, which is oddly ... liberating? Let's go with that :)

Because I've been so happy the past week or so, J has also been happier, and more affectionate, which is always a good thing, and I think my slump is well and truly over. I'm happy. Things are falling into place, and for the moment, I couldn't be happier.

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