Thursday, 24 February 2011

My First Time

Blogging. What were you thinking?
So to start with, I thought I would let all you internet strangers get to know me a little too well with 100 things about me. Here goes:

I was nearly named Karen
As a kid, I was all teeth and eyebrows
I don’t want a career
I do want to be a mum. Badly.
I love my J more than I thought was possible
I am usually easily pleased
Summer is by far my favourite season
I’ve never seen snow
Calla lilies are my favourite flower
I prefer to wear silver over gold
I adore my sisters
I have a difficult relationship with my mother
I’ve known 3 significant father figures
I do not tan. I just burn and peel and stay white
I find it easy to grow my fingernails long
I’ve lived in 20 different houses and one caravan
I am glad that I’m Australian
I want a pet lizard. I even have my reptile license!
I also want a pet cat
Up until grade 11 I was nearly always the smartest one in the class
I love chocolate biscuits
I love Italian food
I love being outside but my crazy fear of birds and bugs and almost everything that flies has been known to keep me housebound for weeks at a time
I am just now learning how to drive and I think I’ll always suck at it
I have a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio
I don’t have a lot of friends, but they’re the best
I really want a dishwasher
Generally speaking, 80s music was the best
I like discussing controversial topics
I am quite passionate
I nearly always dislike the ‘alpha male’ types
I have only ever slept with one person – and intend to keep it that way
I spent half of my life sure that I would become a solicitor.
I love to read
I have glasses for reading because I have the focus abilities of a 70 year old
I’ve never had a blood test
I like my eyelashes
I do not enjoy long walks on the beach
Scotch is my alcoholic beverage of choice
I only drink cola if it has scotch in it
I sleep a lot
I love my future in-laws
I used to be very thin
I talk a lot. And I enjoy it J
Bad spelling annoys me
It annoys me when people read Shakespearean wrong
I’ve known my best friend since I was about 7 months old
I respect people who can admit they’ve made a mistake
I like feeling big feelings
Eleven is my favourite number
I don’t like facial hair
I think I’m going to end up with red-headed twins one day
I spent the first 12ish years of my life being the shy quiet girl, and now I’m known as the loud one
I think alligators are my favourite animal
Dolls scare the crap out of me
I love stuffed animals
The smell of vanilla always makes me smile
The smell of coconut makes me gag
I hate avocado
I love broccoli
I can be quite affronting
I often write in sentence fragments
I’ve been called random, but I don’t think I am
I have little patience for people who create all their own problems
I am pretty judgemental, but am always willing to change my mind if given the chance
I have never done anything illegal
I am often untidy, but nearly always clean underneath the mess
I’m not the biggest fan of seafood
I love hearing everyone’s opinions, even (especially?) when they differ to mine
I HATE the ‘just because’ argument
I don’t like to swear, but I still do it. Usually unwittingly.
I have a boring job
When people say ‘graph’ with a short ‘a’ sound, I think of giraffes
I like every Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks movie I’ve seen, except the Toy Story series and Fantasia
I like wearing pretty bras and matching undies
I wish I had a bigger kitchen
I love love love Harry Potter
It scares me when I see my mother in me
I am nearly always much nicer behind people’s backs than to their faces
I don’t mind change
Mocha with marshmallows is my favourite sweet indulgence
I usually drink 2 litres of water a day
I think The Cure is the saddest movie in the world
Sometimes I love a big cry
I don’t like taking medication. Or doctors.
I’ve only ever really been hurt by people I’ve cared about
I don’t like stupid people. Silly, I can handle.
I’ve been ‘going to’ start a blog for about a year
I don’t like being wrong, but I do admit it (eventually) when I am
I can be very overprotective. Especially of my sisters
I am proud of myself for being a good person despite my upbringing
I’ve never been fit
I watch more TV than I want to
The day I saw Wicked was one of the best days of my life
Heights don’t bother me at all
I am a fairly open and honest person
I would much prefer to be hot than to be cold
I want more friends that are girls
I don’t like wearing make up
I don’t like the kiss-on-the-cheek greeting

If you don't hate me now that you know all of that, stay tuned. 


  1. I almost never wear make-up (though not because I hate it per say, just because I'm too lazy to deal with it) ;)
    I LOVED Wicked... never had a problem with heights... I haven't done *MUCH* illegal (I speed, I admit it. Also drank - very little - before I was old enough legally... but not much, and I still don't drink much) bad spelling annoys me also, but I purposely mis-use grammar & punctuation sometimes... like rarely capitalizing and using run-on sentences ;) I've only ever slept with one person, and I also intend to keep it that way :) I'll happily send you lots of snow, we have plenty right now!

    and we have many more things in common, but I'm supposed to be working, so I'm off for now ;) nice to "meet" you :)

  2. Haha. I'm supposed to be working too :) Another thing we have in common!